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Thank you for visiting our new and improved website! Our company features many high quality collectible toy lines from the 1970's and 1980's. While we specialize in several lines, we also carry a variety of toys and collectibles as you can see from our large and diverse inventory. We update the site and add new products on a regular basis.

Look below for details regarding recent updates and new products added to the site.

March 2013

  • 3-20 - The Free Shipping offer has ended. Shipping is now a flat $8 in the US and $40 for International orders.

    February 2012

  • 12/18 - I should have posted this sooner but I am using Facebook to post our updates and news. Please go to our Facebook page for details.
  • November 2011

  • 11/3 - As unusual as it may sound we are ahead of schedule on the update. I have the Star Trek collection added to the Vintage update.
  • 11/1 - I have just finished the largest and best Vintage Toy update since the semi-truck of GI Joes three years ago. Tons of new stuff, too much to list. We have a major Star Trek collection as well that I hope to have updated by the end of the week.

    October 2011

  • 10/14 - More News! We just launched our Lord of the Rings Toy related site this week. The site, Gandalf's Tower , is full of hundreds of LOTR and fantasy related toys. Take a look if you are a fan of the Trilogy or Fantasy toys in general.
  • 10/5 - As alluded to on the home page, big news has been in the works. The reason there has been little updates is that I have been very busy finishing up the complex and long await deal for Final Frontier to take over Cloud City Collectibles. That is correct, Cloud City is now a part of Final Frontier Toys. We are working on a new site for Cloud City and should have it up and running sometime between Halloween and Thanksgiving. We are working through the endless inventory now and will be adding some to our site and most to Cloud City. We have one full truckload so far and a few more pallets are expected with literally thousands of Vintage toys with the majority being AFA graded! This is a huge coup for us and a true treasure trove of inventory which we will be uploading as soon as we can. It will take literally months to get everything inventoried, pictured, priced and uploaded. I am very excited about this whole deal. And yes, Cloud City Collectibles will be up and running again shortly. We are redesigning the site and will have it up for business soon.
  • August 2011

  • 8/20 - The site is once again updated! Tons of new stuff as always. We have added a couple large He-Man MOTU collections with a full run of early 8 Backs, a couple of Castle Grayskulls, an Eternia and so much more. Also amongst the highlights is a large GI Joe collection with mostly AFA graded carded figures and a USS Flagg, a nice pair of collections of Star Wars, vehicles and playsets but also a large carded collection, an AFA collection of MIB Megos, a small collection of Transformers mostly AFA graded as well as some Starriors, Super Powers, Battlestar Galactica, Secret Wars, and quite a few other odds and ends pieces.

  • 8/12 - We are finally on Facebook . Click to check it out! I am going to be using the Facebook page to post updates and news so please keep checking there as it will be the more frequently updated page.

    June 2011

  • 6/22 - We have had some issues with the home page. If you are getting a blank page when trying to load the home page please try to refresh or reload the page. If that does not work try to use the control and f5 buttons at the same time. This is a caching issue and should clear asap. If you experience any more problems please contact us.
  • 6/16 - The collections of Loose GI Joe and He-Man have been added to the site.
  • 6/10 - We finally have the long awaited massive update. Literally hundreds of new MISB/MIB/MOC and AFA graded items are now up for sale. We have several large collections of Star Wars, Super Powers, He-Man and some new GI Joes, Transformers and much more like Visionaries, Sectaurs, Secret Wars and still more! We will be adding a large and high grade loose GI Joe collection as well as a great loose He-Man collection by early next week.
  • 6/2 - We are running a store wide 10% off sale for the next week, ending next Wednesday. Do not miss out on one of our rare sales! NOW OVER!
  • May 2011

  • 5/4 - The website technical issues seem to be fixed. The GI Joe category is back and the order page seems to be working properly again. If anyone comes across any problems please let us know.
  • April 2011

  • 4/20 - The BUYING page has finally been updated (only a few years out of date). We are in the middle of working on a few other items as well. We will be adding toy related comics to the site soon. Once we get our latest submissions back from AFA we should have another large update, probably in early May.
  • March 2011

  • 3/25 - Once again, the site has been updated. We have added some great Star Wars items as well as the usuals, He-Man, Transformers, GI Joe, Super Powers Loose and a large loose GI Joe collection as well. Some highlights in the current update include an AFA 85 Voltron 3 Giftset, a nice run of He-Man 8 Backs, another nice collection of Star Wars 12 Backs, a graded Buck Rogers Starfighter and a beautiful collection of boxed GI Joe vehicles.
  • 3/11 - I just put some loose collections (He-Man, Star Wars) on the site. The next will be a large loose GI Joe collection, probably by the middle of next week. Also we will be updating the two AFA submissions and 3 large collections to the site as well. Tons of great stuff including an AFA 85 Voltron 3 Lions set, a ton of Star Wars 12 Backs and vehicles and so much more. The largest update in about a year. Keep checking for details.
  • We just got our latest submission to AFA back as well as a couple of fantastic collections. Our next update will be a large one and should be done within the next week or two. More details as I know them.
  • February 2011

  • The newest update is done. We should have another by middle to end of March with another AFA submission as a couple of collections.
  • December 2010

  • 12/24 - Merry Christmas to all! I actually have the update done and on the site. Like years previous we have not had any chance to do a major update during the 4th quarter so it will be a large update. We have added a very nice collection of MISB/MIB/AFA Star Wars Vehicles and Playsets, an excellent collection of Transformers, a nice collection of He-Man MOTU with a Castle Grayskull MISB, a factory sealed Voltron Lions Gift Set (first I have had in 16+ years), a small boxed and carded GI Joe collection, some Battlestar toys as well as Robotech, Shogun Warriors, Micronauts, Visionaries, TMNT and more. Our next update will be in a few weeks when our latest AFA submission is back.
  • November 2010

  • 11/27 - The Christmas Chaos is in full swing. As a result, like years before in fourth quarter there have been no major updates. Things have been too busy to update the Vintage inventory but do not despair I will be updating the site before the end of the year. We have a ton of new collections especially Star Wars and will have another great update for you.
  • September 2010

  • 9/27 - The Website is once again updated. We have added some very nice collections of Transformers, Star Wars, GI Joe, Mego, Battlestar Galactica, Secret Wars, He-Man and quite a bit more. You can search the categories for newly listed items to see the newest stuff!
  • 9/25 - WE ARE HIRING! Yes, we will be looking for a full time employee over the next few weeks. If you have any interest in working for Final Frontier in cold, frigid, Minnesota please let me know and send over your resume.
  • 9/13 - Another large collection of loose GI Joes has been added to the site.
  • 9/12 - I am working on a large update to the site.  We have some nice collections of Transformers, Star Wars, He-Man and much more.  I will post updates as it is closer to being posted.
  • August 2010

  • 8/19 - Do yourself a favor and see the Expendables in the movie theater. This movie is so good words cannot do it justice.
  • 8/12 - We just added the Loose Star Wars Figures and Vehicles/Playsets collection to the site.
  • 8/3 - We just added the Loose He-Man Masters of the Universe section to the site.
  • 8/3 - I will be updating the new collections to the site.  Updates should be done by tomorrow.  This time we have the large He-Man Loose collections, an Eternia playset MIB unused, some nice MOC Joes and some Star Wars items and much more.
  • 8/3 - We just picked up a large loose GI Joe collection and a massive loose Star Wars collection.  Both should be on the site by the end of the week.
  • July 2010

  • 7/1 - The launching of our newest Final Frontier website!!  This site has and does it all.  Take a look through all the categories to view the finest Vintage Toy inventory in the hobby!
  • 7/1 - We now offer FREE shipping.  Yes, truly FREE shipping.  The free shipping applies to orders as follows:  All US orders over $150 and all INTERNATIONAL ORDERS over $450.  For all other orders we offer the simplest shipping options anywhere.  All Continental US orders under $150 ship for the flat rate of $8.  All International orders under $450 ship for the flat rate of $40.  We ship all International orders via Priority Mail or Fed-Ex and they will have tracking.
  • 7/1 - In the past most if not all the web page work was done by me but that was not the case on this monster project.  Far more than to anyone else, credit goes to Tom for making this website possible.  He set me up with the designer of this fantastic site but ended up having to do literally a couple hundred hours of unexpected and unanticipated work to get this project to this point.  Our heartfelt thanks for all your tireless, but great appreciated effort.  Further thanks to Leslie for the wonderful graphics (and outstanding logo) throughout the site.   As with all my work nothing would get started or finished without Lucienne's hard work and input (whether wanted or not).  Between the two of us we have taken almost 10,000 photos to make sure this site has nothing but the best content we could produce.  Finally I want to send out my thanks to everyone who gave me feedback during the design process.  My special thanks to Danny for the time he put into the design aspect of the site.  He alone managed to put my ideas into a working concept to help everyone else visualize what you see now.
  • 7/1 - Back to the business at hand.  We recently added two phenomenal He-Man, Masters of the Universe collections to the site.
  • 7/1-  We have also added an excellent GI Joe collection of both figures and vehicles.
  • 7/1 - A very nice collection of 1980's toys also arrived.  Items from Air Raiders, Battle Beasts, Inhumanoids, Centurions and many more can be seen in the Other Movie and Television - Vintage section of the site.
  • 7/1 - We also came across some very nice loose collections from Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Transformers and a few others.
  • 7/10 - The huge loose GI Joe collection is now on the site.