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Welcome to the Final Frontier Toys and More

Thank you for visiting our new and improved website! Our company features many high quality collectible toy lines from the 1970's and 1980's. While we specialize in several lines, we also carry a variety of toys and collectibles as you can see from our large and diverse inventory. The Final Frontier Toys and More was founded in March 1994. My intention was to make available again the fantastic items that have been such a fun part of our lives since early childhood. In this way I could share with many people the memories of Star Wars, GI Joe, Micronauts, Transformers, He-Man, Mego and so many other toys that influenced all our lives.

As such it is our #1 goal to keep our customers happy and to make collecting the fun experience it is supposed to be. Within this site you will find links to our various collectible toy lines. Feel free to browse through this site and if you find something that is a "must have" and order with confidence. We have made our good name from keeping customers, like you, happy in all 50 states and from over 65 countries and territories for over 21 years. If you ever have any questions or need additional information or photos you can always email us. Unlike many other sites you can call us as well as this is our Full Time business. We do not ship on full moons or other nonsense but generally within one business day of your order.

Our normal business hours are generally 11 AM to 7 PM Central time, Monday thru Friday. We are closed on Saturday but I am often working late on the weeknights so you can try to email or call then as well. We are closed on Sunday but we do check our emails/phone calls when we are able. If you have any questions, please feel free to call.

Thanks for visiting and come back soon! Frank Bray, owner and collector .

Business Information:
The Final Frontier Toys and More
14325 314th St. Menahga, MN 56464 USA
Phone: 218-837-6565

For those who are unfamiliar with our grading, or grading of toys in general, we offer the following as a guide.

The C- condition refers to box or package condition. Note that AFA refers to Action Figure Authority, the singular Professional Grading Service for Collectible Toys. A general outline of the various grades is below:

C-10 Perfect, no flaws. (AFA 95 Equivalent)

C-9.5+ Essentially perfect, no flaws. (I prefer this grade because virtually nothing is C-10) (AFA 90 Equivalent)

C-9.5 Near perfect. (on carded figures generally perfect but may be punched, on boxed items factory wear from shipping at most) (AFA 90 Equivalent)

C-9.5- One minor flaw. (minor edge wear, minor mark, surface crease, etc.) (AFA 85 possible 90 Equivalent)

C-9+ One noticeable flaw. (slight crease, bubble ding, very minor sticker tear) (AFA 85 possible 80 Equivalent)

C-9 Same as C-9+ but the flaw is more noticeable. (AFA 80 possible 85 Equivalent)

C-9- Similar to C-9 but there may be one or more minor flaws as well. (AFA 80 Equivalent)

C-8.5+ Couple of minor flaws or one moderate flaw such as moderate corner crease, edge wear etc. (AFA 80 possible 75 Equivalent)

C-8.5 Same as C-8.5+ but maybe more noticeable flaws or also has another minor flaw as well. (AFA 75 possible 80 Equivalent)

C-8.5- One serious flaw (heavy crease, etc.) plus potentially minor flaws. (AFA 75 Equivalent)

C-8+ Toy is brand new but box is not as presentable. There may be flap tears or other more serious flaws. (AFA 75 Equivalent)

C-8-/C-7.5+ Box serves as an example only with intent to upgrade but is generally intact. (AFA 70 Equivalent)

C-7.5/C-6.5 Four or more flaws that are substantial. (AFA 60 Equivalent)

C-4 - C-5 Box taped together, torn up or simply is barely present. (AFA 40-50 Equivalent)

MISB/MOC/MIP: Toy is mint and never played with. The toy is still in the original package, stickers, if any, are never applied and the weapons are all present and unused. The package has never been opened. The C- condition refers to the box.

MIB UNUSED or Sealed Contents: Toy is mint and never played with. The toy is still in the original package, stickers, if any, are never applied and the weapons are all present and unused. The box has been opened, or the tape cut, but the contents are still in original baggies or on bubble. The C- condition refers to the box.

MIB stickers unapplied: Box has been opened and the toy built and displayed. The stickers have never been applied to the toy. The C- condition refers to the box.

MIB: toy is played with and stickers are applied. The toy should be complete unless noted and in good shape. The C- condition refers to the box.

Loose Complete: Toy has no package. The toy however is complete with all accessories. The C- condition in this case refers to the toy condition.

Loose: Toy has no package and is not complete. It may or may not have some accessories. The C- condition again refers to the toy.