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6-1-2016 Prices again updated! Take a look and give us a call or email when you want to cash in your collections!

We are constantly buying collections and individual toys and items. We are interested in most types of items we sell. Of special interest to us are toys or items in originally sealed packaging, unused items, and or previously owned collector pieces. No collection is too large or small, just give us a call. We buy most of the same toy lines we carry on the webpage. Below is a sample of the items we are looking for and the great prices we will pay:

BUYING! BUYING! BUYING! We are BUYING ALL VINTAGE TOYS! We pay the HIGHEST PRICES in the industry!!!! Why go anywhere else? Check out the prices we will pay for the following items:

This is not a comprehensive list, just some more popular examples.  We are buying much more than what is listed below.  Contact us for details if you have other items to sell.


All MOC or MISB C-9.5 or AFA 85 with no price tags and 85 or better subs, clear bubbles:

SW 12 Back Ben Kenobi $1500
SW 12 Back Chewbacca $1500
SW 12 Back Darth Vader $2500
SW 12 Back Luke Skywalker $2800
SW 12 Back Princess Leia $1500
SW 12 Back R2-D2 $1500
SW 12 Back Stormtrooper $1100
SW 20/21 Back Greedo $1000
SW 20/21 Luke X-Wing $1000
SW 20/21 Snaggletooth $700
SW 21 Boba Fett $4500
ESB 4-LOM $1000
ESB Bossk $600
ESB Dengar $600
ESB Han Bespin $1000
ESB Han Hoth $800
ESB Hoth Stormtrooper $800
ESB IG-88 $600
ESB Luke Bespin 31 Back $1000
ESB Luke Hoth $800
ESB Yoda $700
ESB Zuckuss $500
ROTJ Admiral Ackbar $350
ROTJ Boba Fett $1500
ROTJ Luke Jedi Blue $700
ROTJ Luke Jedi Green $300
POTF Amanaman $500
POTF Anakin $12000
POTF Biker Scout $600
POTF Chewbacca $400
POTF Darth Vader $700
POTF Imperial Gunner $500
POTF Luke X-Wing $600
POTF Yak Face $12000
Droids Boba Fett $3500
SW Death Star $4500
SW Millennium Falcon $4500
SW Sears Cantina $4500
SW Tie Fighter $1500
SW X-Wing Fighter $2500
ESB AT-AT $2500
ESB AT-ST $800
ESB Millennium Falcon $2500
ESB Rebel Command Center $1500
ESB Slave 1 $1500
ESB Snowspeeder Blue $1500
ESB Snowspeeder Pink $1500
ESB Tauntaun (either) $800
ESB Tie Fighter $2500
ESB Wampa $600
ESB X-Wing $2500
ROTJ B-Wing Fighter $800
ROTJ Jabba the Hutt $700
ROTJ Millennium Falcon $1400
ROTJ Rancor $600
ROTJ Tie Fighter Battle Damaged $800
ROTJ Tie Interceptor $700
ROTJ Y-Wing Fighter $700


All MOC or MISB C-9.5 or AFA 85 with no price tags and 85 or better subs, clear bubbles:

Megatron MISB C-9.5 AFA 85 $3000
Omega Supreme MISB C-9.5 AFA 85 $3000
Optimus Prime MISB C-9.5 AFA 85 $2500
Scorponok MISB C-9.5 AFA 85 $2500
Shockwave MISB C-9.5 AFA 85 $2000
Soundwave MISB C-9.5 AFA 85 $2000
Starscream or Skywarp or Thundercracker MISB C-9.5 AFA 85 $1200
Trypticon MISB C-9.5 AFA 85 $2500

Any US Boxed Giftsets TOP $$$$, for example Computron $5000+, Defensor $5000+

VINTAGE He-Man Masters of the Universe

All MOC or MISB C-9.5 or AFA 85 with no price tags and 85 or better subs, clear bubbles:

He-Man 8 Back $2000
All other 8 Backs $1000+
He-Man 12 Back $1000
Mer-Man $800
Ram-Man $800
Skeletor $800
Stratos $800
Trap Jaw $800

Castle Grayskull $1500
Eternia $2500
Gift Sets $$$ Battle for Eternia $4000+, 2 Packs and 3 Packs $1000-$12000

Plus we are always buying the following toy lines:

Battlestar Galactica
Black Hole
Buck Rogers
Clash of the Titans
Dragonriders of the Styx
Dungeons and Dragons
Lord of the Rings Knickerbocker
Power Lords
Secret Wars
Shogun Warriors
Six Million Dollar Man
Star Trek
Super Powers