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Tuesday January 30th Website Massive Update Preview

By Frank Bray January 29, 2018 934 Views No comments

Here are a pair of videos to preview this week's amazing update. Enjoy.

Upcoming Update

By Frank Bray July 31, 2017 1277 Views No comments

Here is a sneak preview of the upcoming update which should, hopefully, be this week.

New Update!

By Frank Bray January 31, 2017 1720 Views No comments

The massive long awaited update will be live in the morning. There are thousands of Vintage items added to this incredible update. One sample photo below.

MrVintageStarWars launches today

By Frank Bray December 15, 2016 1879 Views No comments

With Rogue One coming out this week and the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars just months away this seems to be an excellent time to announce the launch of the project

MrVSW (short for is an informational site under construction currently totally devoted to all things Vintage Star Wars with a primary focus on the Kenner toys. The difference with this site and the hundreds of others on the web will be the insights and information come from the DEALER side of the hobby. Too often I have read and seen sites that have posted disinformation, inaccuracies and statements that are downright wrong. I am hoping to help the collectors escape these trappings and get back to the point of collecting, fun and enjoyment. As many of you know I am a diehard collector of Star Wars (and other toy lines) since the movie hit the screen as well as being a full time dealer since 1994. It is from this perspective I hope to enlighten and entertain my fellow collectors as well as give myself an outlet to enjoy my own collection and the tons of fascinating toys that have come through my business. These are things I hope to share with you all through the site, for example over 100 Kenner toy commercials like the one at the bottom of this message from our Youtube page as well as the Media Gallery from our site.

Over the years I have accumulated tons of photos, informational sources, data, articles and so much more that this site will enable me to post and share with my friends, customers and fellow collectors. We hope to add a section soon to enable you to share your photos to the site as well so you can show off and share your pictures and collections as well.

Click the link to get a full background on the purpose for this site.

I am very excited to announce this launch of the site and am very hopeful that you will enjoy the site as much as I do. While there is no endgame I will be adding more content to the site until my dying days and would love to have you guys along for the ride as well. While we have put in place a solid foundation we are going to be adding endlessly to the site as the content itself is endless. I look forward to hearing from you with any comments, feedback, criticism and ideas for this site. Also, I hope you visit the Facebook page I have set up for the site to make announcements and such. Anyone wishing to contribute or add to the site please contact me at as I am excited to add your ideas to the site.

May the Force be with You,


Coming Soon!

By Frank Bray March 3, 2016 1668 Views No comments
Just to whet your appetite I am posting a few photos over the next couple of weeks of some of the collections that we are currently processing for the next update.