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August 2016

Boycott Star Trek!

By Frank Bray August 2, 2016 2289 Views No comments

Today’s post is a rant rather than a normal toy related posting. After recent events I have to stake out a position here that is both painful but necessary. The issue at stake is Star Trek and CBS/Paramounts horrific 180 degree turn on the fans and fan made films. There are a number of fantastic fan funded and made series of Star Trek shows such as Phase 2, Continues and Axanar to name a few. Paramount (and CBS), after 50 years of supporting their fan base to a praiseworthy degree, has sued Axanar and now issued its own “rules” to the fans of what they can and cannot do. While I expect this behavior from Lucasfilm or Saul Zaentz (Lord of the Rings) this is an unfathomable position for the Star Trek owners to take given its history and the true meaning of the franchise. Fans, and fans alone, kept the franchise alive during the dark years and Paramount nurtured and supported them for decades. To now turn on them is craven and a sign of the worst of corporate greed run amok.

As a result I urge all of you to join in a boycott of both the new Star Trek film and the upcoming series from CBS. While I hate to miss both of these events it is clear that money, and the loss of it, is the only thing Paramount and CBS cares about. It is with great sorrow and pain that I take this position against the new creators of Star Trek. If this is the direction they wish to take they can go it alone.