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January 2016

Newest Inventory Update Jan 2016

By Frank Bray January 25, 2016 1460 Views No comments

Believe it or not we are actually on time for the update! All done, everything is on the site as of tonight. There is so much Star Wars it is truly unreal. A couple of hundred MOC/MISB/MIB/AFA Star Wars toys as well as a few hundred loose figures and vehicles/playsets. We have tons of loose figures including many we have not had for years such as Droids, Ewoks, Takara R2-D2 and almost every last 17 including Yak Face. Tons of Star Wars 12/20/21 Backs, ESB MOC and so much more. A very Star Wars centered update.

But there is more. A nice Transformers, GI Joe and He-Man collection including a MISB Castle Grayskull. Many Battlestar Galactica, Black Hole, Buck Rogers, Mego and Star Trek Vintage items as well. Take a look, you will not be disappointed and I assure you will see stuff you have never seen before if you look around.

Tons of other stuff to talk about but I will be posting throughout the week about the other news. Some highlights below to get you started!

The Very First Post of the New Blog

By Frank Bray January 21, 2016 1573 Views No comments

Welcome everyone to the new blog page! No name for the page yet but I will have one soon! This page will be like the days of old for those of you who have been with us for many years. In the past I would post updates, news snippets and the like in a format like this on the home page. The new site launched in 2010 did not allow for that but that has all changed. Here is the Blog! I will post here the same content I post on our Facebook page so you can keep an eye on upcoming collections, updates and sales. Let me get right to it then:

Quick news. January 25th, a Monday, will be the day of the next update. This is the largest Star Wars update in years! The new movie unearthed many new collections and we have been buying like crazy. One small collection pictured below for an idea of what will be coming. January 25th, be ready!