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Tuesday January 30th Website Massive Update Preview

By Frank Bray January 29, 2018 359 Views No comments

Here are a pair of videos to preview this week's amazing update. Enjoy.

Upcoming Update

By Frank Bray July 31, 2017 724 Views No comments

Here is a sneak preview of the upcoming update which should, hopefully, be this week.

Huge Inventory sale starts today!

By Frank Bray March 21, 2017 1388 Views No comments

For a very short time we are running an inventory sale of 20 - 50% off hundreds of items! Unbelievable savings for great toys. Don't miss out as there are toys from GI Joe, Transformers, A-Team, Bruce Lee, Bravestarr, Flintstones, Hot Wheels, Jurassic Park, Matchbox Fighting Furies, Mega Force, Ninja Warriors, Parasites, Power Lords, Reactors, Ricochet Racers, Rock Lords, Silverhawks, Tigersharks, TMNT, Tron, V Visitors and Voltron. Look for the Sale Banner in the upper left corner for the items on Mega Sale!

New Update!

By Frank Bray January 31, 2017 1221 Views No comments

The massive long awaited update will be live in the morning. There are thousands of Vintage items added to this incredible update. One sample photo below.

Update, Update and Update

By Frank Bray January 17, 2017 1163 Views No comments

Quick note that our upcoming absolutely massive update is too much to do in one session. I am breaking the update into 3 parts. The first part is the Loose Star Wars figures and vehicles which was completed last night. Part 2 will be coming up soon.

MrVintageStarWars launches today

By Frank Bray December 15, 2016 1390 Views No comments

With Rogue One coming out this week and the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars just months away this seems to be an excellent time to announce the launch of the project

MrVSW (short for is an informational site under construction currently totally devoted to all things Vintage Star Wars with a primary focus on the Kenner toys. The difference with this site and the hundreds of others on the web will be the insights and information come from the DEALER side of the hobby. Too often I have read and seen sites that have posted disinformation, inaccuracies and statements that are downright wrong. I am hoping to help the collectors escape these trappings and get back to the point of collecting, fun and enjoyment. As many of you know I am a diehard collector of Star Wars (and other toy lines) since the movie hit the screen as well as being a full time dealer since 1994. It is from this perspective I hope to enlighten and entertain my fellow collectors as well as give myself an outlet to enjoy my own collection and the tons of fascinating toys that have come through my business. These are things I hope to share with you all through the site, for example over 100 Kenner toy commercials like the one at the bottom of this message from our Youtube page as well as the Media Gallery from our site.

Over the years I have accumulated tons of photos, informational sources, data, articles and so much more that this site will enable me to post and share with my friends, customers and fellow collectors. We hope to add a section soon to enable you to share your photos to the site as well so you can show off and share your pictures and collections as well.

Click the link to get a full background on the purpose for this site.

I am very excited to announce this launch of the site and am very hopeful that you will enjoy the site as much as I do. While there is no endgame I will be adding more content to the site until my dying days and would love to have you guys along for the ride as well. While we have put in place a solid foundation we are going to be adding endlessly to the site as the content itself is endless. I look forward to hearing from you with any comments, feedback, criticism and ideas for this site. Also, I hope you visit the Facebook page I have set up for the site to make announcements and such. Anyone wishing to contribute or add to the site please contact me at as I am excited to add your ideas to the site.

May the Force be with You,


Massive Star Wars Loose Toys update

By Frank Bray November 30, 2016 1228 Views No comments

We just posted hundreds of Vintage Star Wars Kenner figures, vehicles, playsets, coins and much more to the site. We got some great collections with POTF figures and some great items. Our main update, which has been long in coming, is being worked on right now. There will be hundreds of great Vintage items including some one of a kind items, displays and rare pieces. Keep checking back for updates here and on our Facebook page.

Boycott Star Trek!

By Frank Bray August 2, 2016 1828 Views No comments

Today’s post is a rant rather than a normal toy related posting. After recent events I have to stake out a position here that is both painful but necessary. The issue at stake is Star Trek and CBS/Paramounts horrific 180 degree turn on the fans and fan made films. There are a number of fantastic fan funded and made series of Star Trek shows such as Phase 2, Continues and Axanar to name a few. Paramount (and CBS), after 50 years of supporting their fan base to a praiseworthy degree, has sued Axanar and now issued its own “rules” to the fans of what they can and cannot do. While I expect this behavior from Lucasfilm or Saul Zaentz (Lord of the Rings) this is an unfathomable position for the Star Trek owners to take given its history and the true meaning of the franchise. Fans, and fans alone, kept the franchise alive during the dark years and Paramount nurtured and supported them for decades. To now turn on them is craven and a sign of the worst of corporate greed run amok.

As a result I urge all of you to join in a boycott of both the new Star Trek film and the upcoming series from CBS. While I hate to miss both of these events it is clear that money, and the loss of it, is the only thing Paramount and CBS cares about. It is with great sorrow and pain that I take this position against the new creators of Star Trek. If this is the direction they wish to take they can go it alone.

MOTU He-Man Warehouse Find

By Frank Bray July 11, 2016 1680 Views No comments
As alluded to before we found some cases of Masters of the Universe, and a few other lines as well, in a warehouse recently. Rare and mint stuff does not pop up much at allanymore as you all know so this was a real nice deal for us. I took a quick video of the stuff for you to review. Everything is now up and on our website. Enjoy!

The MEGA Sales Returns

By Frank Bray June 27, 2016 1708 Views No comments


Enter promo code thebigsale at checkout and you'll get 20 percent off your order. Expires July 11, 2016 so you have two weeks to save big on all the collectibles you want for your collection.

You can use this code as many times as you want as well, no limit to your orders!

This is an extremely rare event as we do not run this sale but ONCE every few YEARS. And do not forget if you are signed in and have an account you get 4% Rewards Points on all orders. Also you can use the Facebook coupons and add up to another 6% off all orders! Shipping is still $8 in the US and $45 for all international orders.